Back to the big box

Are golf balls essential?

After months of sticking to the grocery store and pharmacy, I decided that mail flyer from Dick’s needed my attention.

Three dozen golf balls for $30 is quite the bargain.

All the shoppers in their masks kept their safe distance.

After all these months, I felt odd.

5 thoughts on “Back to the big box

  1. Funny Mark, Erik was just talking about potentially returning to the golf course driving range. He made the case that it’s possible to do so safely. It’s hard to know what is best right now. I’m happy your area seems to be advancing further into re opening, your community must be adhering to the guidelines. People are at odds over face coverings around here and we are seeing an uptick in cases. I worry. Take good care.


    • At our weekly golf outings, we stay six feet apart at all times. At least. We take off our masks to play. It took me awhile to come to grips that it’s not different than walking outside in the neighborhood and keeping your distance as long as you keep that space and agree to go out there. Yes, I worry about our states, yours of course, where people are at odds about the masks. Here people wear them when required pretty much all the time.

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      • I think you guys were exposed to the reality of it early on. We were somewhat protected from it in the beginning but carelessness and misinformation has changed all of that. Thanks for your perspective on golf. You’re right, I can see how it can be done safely. Keep taking good care.


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