Table side, but not too close

Sit, but not too close.

My recent safe stroll through Onondaga Lake Park discovered the tables have been (re)turned.

Walkers and visitors can once again sit for a spell. Keep six feet apart, and keep those masks on, please and thank you.

12 thoughts on “Table side, but not too close

  1. I have to say, I am really appreciating the creativity people and businesses are putting into making things more ‘distant’. I love the towns who have closed down streets to allow more outside tables and dining, etc…

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  2. Aaarrrggghhh! I hate computers. Mine keeps jumping around the universe on me. Anyway, as I was saying when it took me to Mars, great advice for everyone! I’ve only been out a couple of times for groceries since getting home from rehab. Best advice from me is don’t break a leg during this crises. Absolutely no visitors at all while in rehab and toward the end they didn’t even allow package delivery. Enjoy the park and think about me. I can’t go all that far for awhile!

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      • I know. It’s getting so boring though. But I’m afraid they are opening things too soon. So many new cases since they opened places up. I just sit in front of my sewing machine all day and half the night, making face masks for anyone who needs it and watching my fabric stash going down and down and down. Wouldn’t be so bad if I could get more but fabric is so back-ordered.


      • I’m not sure there is any to be found Mark. And they all live away so I don’t get to see them. I’ve been looking thru my clothes to see if any of them will work out and plan on going to some of the thrift stores when they open again to look for clothes that still have life in them so I can cut them up for mASKS. IT WILL BE MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT OPENING THE SCHOOLS IN AUGUST. REALLY SCARY THERE. I DON’T LEAVE MY APARTMENT WITHOUT MASK AND GLOVES. PROBABLY THE ONLY ONE WEARING GLOVES, BUT THEN I THINK ABOUT EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING PUSHING THE ELEVATOR BUTTONS. I’M NOT THAT BRAVE.


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