Hold still, will you, pretty cardinal?

Ever since my dear wife Karen and I spotted the make and female cardinals during our safe walks around the neighborhood streets, we hoped for a backyard visit.

And I wished for the chance for a good photograph.

This has led to a lot of Karen calling me outside urgently from my keyboard tap-tapping in the living room.

I grab my iPhone 8 on the way out the back door.

Many snaps have been deleted.


Far away.

Neighboring yard.

This is my best, across the adjacent yard.


Karen did better on her iPhone 8, right over the adjoining fence.

We shall remain vigilant.

17 thoughts on “Hold still, will you, pretty cardinal?

  1. I appreciate the teamwork and commitment it took to bring us this beauty, Mark! They seem to know when we have camera’s on the ready and flit away, don’t they? Little rascals. Pretty though! Happy to see you both are taking good care.


  2. Yay, Mark. We have cardinals and woodpeckers, and I’ve been trying for 3 years to get a decent photo of either. Hubby said recently he also saw a goldfinch, but of course, by the time I got out there it was gone. Birds can be so frustrating


  3. I love the cardinals! We have a bunch but they’re usually way up high in the trees so there’s no chance of getting a good pic with my phone. Your pic turned out really good though!!


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