Now we need it to warm up

High water, a little color.

The pool openers arrived in our backyard, a few days before Memorial Day, actually.

My dear wife Karen was ready, with all the stuff going on outside our sanctuary.

The water level was perfect. Of course, some of the magic stuff was needed for clearing from a winter without filtering.

After a few hours.

The fresh air did it good.

Interested dog.

Now we’re working on the temperature.

The first thermometer check from my dear wife Karen gave a reading of 53 degrees F.


The solar blanket went on.

I don’t know when the first dip will come this year.

But after our first warm stretch, the water temp had risen 10 degrees.

Hey, summer doesn’t officially arrive until June 21 …

12 thoughts on “Now we need it to warm up

  1. Went swimming for first time yesterday. It felt so normal.
    I love that you term your home a sanctuary and having the pool will certainly enhance the experience. May you and Karen enjoy every sun basking wet moment. All my best to you.


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