Thank goodness for our digital family connections

I won’t see my terrific daughter when I want because, well, you know why.

She’s got a big, important birthday to celebrate.

Nicely done.

I will sit at home and admire the photograph she sent me of the windows she decorated to spruce up the place where she lives with wonderful George Three.

We tell each other we will do it right when it’s possible. We will see each other soon for a real, live celebration, me, my wonderful daughter and those we love.

17 thoughts on “Thank goodness for our digital family connections

    • We went back and forth texting many times during the day, MBC. Thanks for the suggestions. George made her a cake, her mom went over to see her in the parking lot, and George and Elisabeth got take-out from their favorite area restaurant, so all was well for my daughter’s day.

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  1. We’ll see the other side of this, Mark. I love the decorations. Oliva’s bday is next week. We are planning a re-do too. But otherwise I think decorating the inside is a great idea! Thanks to Elizabeth and happy birthday wishes. 😉


  2. Someday, one day
    Time’s not so far away
    We can share the dreams we have
    Oh, someday, ooh-ooh-ooh!
    Lyrics from The Seekers. You are too young to know The Seekers.


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