Bombshell truly depicts the horrid newsroom atmosphere the women anchors faced


Bombshell concentrates on one news network, a single leader and three women who had to fight his unwanted attention and advances.

Yes, the 1-hour, 49-minute bio-drama directed by Jay Roach from a screenplay by Charles Randolph revolves around the Fox News Network, Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and Kayla Pospisol.

As the news has revolved since those days, we know the same despicable actions were alleged, denied, litigated and spread across too many industries and souls of our country. Jobs were lost, but that was the least of it. Lives were changed.

This movie tracks the culture that allowed the behavior and the courage it took to fight back.

The acting will convince you of the heartbreak and tenacity on one side and sheer certainty of absolute power on the other.

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie thrive as the women who can’t take it anymore and finally find a way and means to show their side is right.

Stand tall, please and thank you. (From

They display ample heart and soul in the newsroom world that’s full of angst and confusion and a hierarchy that’s both obvious and subtle. Power is everything, and the boss is absolute When it comes down to that main desk and the big camnera.

John Lithgow is as despicable as he must as tyrant Aisles, a leader who’s sure his way is not only the right way, but the only way.

The toppling finish is quite satisfying.

7 thoughts on “Bombshell truly depicts the horrid newsroom atmosphere the women anchors faced

  1. this was a powerful and suspenseful movie from beginning to end. the acting was incredible and knowing the story was true made it that much more horrifying.


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