How long before roses, I wonder

Backyard bunch.

As I work from home instead of heading to the Village of Liverpool, my morning break allows me step outside to look around our yard.

The rose bushes are greening on the stems.

Backyard circle.

I see these signs of good things to come from our favorite spots, back and front.

And I wonder how long before we see actual roses to lift our spirits.

18 thoughts on “How long before roses, I wonder

  1. Mine bloom the full splendor first week of May 🙂 I’m sure whenever yours bloom is perfect timing for them, Mark! It’s exciting knowing it’s coming!


  2. Now is the time for all of us to wake up and smell the rose!
    Hope everyone there is holding up well.
    Be kind and God bless.


    • You, too, Gerald, as we follow our Governor Cuomo’s guidelines and do our best to keep flatten the curve in our state. My dear wife Karen and I are safe at home and keeping our space when walking the surrounding blocks for exercise of body and mind.


  3. I’ve been watching my tulips slowing coming up. I keep thinking that I can’t wait for them to be fully grown but our freezing cold temps aren’t really helping! Lol! I also have some crazy out of control rose bushes and was noticing that the stems looked a little green yesterday. It’s usually at least another month or two before we see any colors though. 😞


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