I see your Syracuse Mets style, Scooch

No, I didn’t.

Part of the Syracuse Mets’ open house at NBT Bank Stadium was a call to audition to go inside the costume of team mascot Scooch.

On full duty.

I felt like the Scooch working the crowd this day was experienced and pretty darn great at the job.

Not quite twinsies.

For the state-of-the-squad address in the Hank Sauer Room, Scooch even had the pantomime of General Manager Jason Smorol’s talk to the crowd down pat.

Great work!

15 thoughts on “I see your Syracuse Mets style, Scooch

  1. He can until they start spreading the virus contrary to recommended congregating restrictions!
    As long as people aren’t taking this issue seriously enough there will be no resolution.
    I would suggest sending that more serious message at this time vs. useless dribble not in the best interest of those fans or anyone!
    This is a public service message.


    • People see that serious message in many places, practically non-stop, Gerald. They cannot go to the ballpark now because it is closed. Even when staying at home to be safe, life and the journey of the mind and spirit goes on. This is a public service message.


  2. I was a Bernstein Bear for story time in the kids section of Barnes and Noble. Man those suits are hot and uncomfortable! The Scooch makes it look fun and easy tho!


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