Maybe I’ll try one of their non-beers

Walking recently in downtown Syracuse, I noticed the logo for an old joke-telling emporium on a corner awning.

I laugh at my memory.

Oh, yes, Wise Guys Comedy Club. I recall seeing many comics at a handful of different spots around Syracuse during my decades as a Central New Yorker.

At this corner? I remember eating at various restaurants here. Wise Guys partnered with its basement location with which one, how many years ago?

I couldn’t tell you with any sort of precision.

Future memory maker?

Time and businesses march on.

Here comes another try at success, I see.

Anything But Beer will open come Valentine’s Day.

They already brew their own stuff, with fruits and vegetables instead of barley, writes my friend Don Cazentre.

It does sound different. Tasty, even. Worth a visit for a sip come mid-February.

12 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll try one of their non-beers

  1. Just want to point out there have been large numbers of reported hepatitis cases in Syracuse vicinity. Several of my clients there are guarded at where they eat being BMS employees.
    You can look 👀 this up on line as well.
    May want to try the new Seltzer product.


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