All clear during the cold

Keep them open.

I’m always making sure these babies have space when it’s cold and snowy.

I learned the hard way one winter when the snow and ice got too high and our house temperature got too low. Turns out the furnace couldn’t breathe because I’d let the opening get clogged. The heating company people nicely enough told me this over the phone.

So I check for snow and ice by habit now.

14 thoughts on “All clear during the cold

  1. If it’s out of sight or behind the house just extend those vents to 3-4’ by adding a pipe extension way beyond where the snow goes. At least one would hope. A few feet of CPVC pipe is relatively cheap!
    Then you’ll be safe. I’ve been an engineer for over 45 years but don’t have to necessarily be an engineer for that. I’ve practically rebuilt my house and our place down the shore over the years.


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