Tarantino’s vision of 1969 Hollywood grips us in our time, too

(From IMDb.com)

Violence. Profanity. Glorious cinematography. Wicked storytelling.

You betcha, Quentin Tarintino checked all his usual boxes with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

And that means the director and writer has delivered to our times a winding tale bursting with his unusual view of his art and our world in general.

In this 2-hour, 29-minute epic, he takes us to the hustle and bustle of TV production, movie-making and life in general out there in the hills of LA.

We follow the lives of Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth, the actor and his loyal stunt man together at first for a TV western and then life thereafter. Rick barks and Cliff rolls over, yes, but the relationship goes much, much deeper than that.

And this memsmerizes my dear wife Karen and I in our living room as we watch them deal with their demons imagined and real in their individual styles.

Tarintino’s casting is quite cool with Leonardo DiCaprio as the moody actor and Brad Pitt as the mercurial stunt man. Equally sizzling is Margo Robbie as actress Sharon Tate.

Now that’s acting. (From IMDb.com)

Yes, Roman Polanski and Charles Manson’s flock come into plan, too, but of course Tarinton’s vision is his own.

It made this longer-than-usual movie fly by for me.

Don’t watch if you can’t take graphic violence, for sure, or an abundance of potty-mouths.

Do watch if you want to imagine things from a different angle.

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