What’s a little ice on the lake?

No boats now.

So it’s really winter, and the boats are gone from the Onondaga Lake Marina.

The ice is forming.

What’s that I spy?

And yet as I walk on a Saturday, I see a boat coming back from a spin on the lake.

Icy craft.

The crew of three don’t want their photo taken on this below 20-degree F day, but they welcome a picture of their sturdy boat.

Just ducky.

They said their morning had been terrific.

10 thoughts on “What’s a little ice on the lake?

  1. Duck hunters? I can’t think of anyone else who would have all those decoys. Unless it’s a really weird way of smuggling drugs in from Canada. But then, you probably wouldn’t have been allowed to take any photos of their boat. Unless, of course, it’s a “hiding in plain sight” scenario. Haven’t gone to look at Lake Erie, but I imagine it’s not iced over, either.


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