Hail to this driver and passenger, who make Stuber almost 4 stars

From IMDb.com

Watch Stuber and you’ll never, ever feel self-conscious about any kind of Uber order.

This adventure-comedy pairing Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista is set, sometimes, in the electric car Stu drives around LA for hire.

Then one fateful day police officer Vic places an order for an Uber.

The rest is one wild chase through bad guys and a surprisingly good movie.

Directed by Michael Dowse from the screenplay by Tripper Clancy, this buddy-action flick pairs, of course, a soft-spoken store clerk not known for chasing what he wants with a blustery father who may have said too much.

The shelves are full of odd-duck pairings, sure. But Bautista, pumped up and well-known from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, and Nanjiani, sly and should-be well-known from The Big Sick, take this to a good place.

Vic really, really wants to solve his crime.

Stu really, really wants to get a four-star rating for his ride.

Not buddies yet. (From IMDb.com)

Together, they learn about life, each other, and how to make things possible.

Watching with my dear wife Karen in our living room, we smiled at their journey.

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