Will this Clinton Square tree grow on me?

Pretty from afar.

Syracuse city-goers used to complain that the real trees cut down and brought to Clinton Square for the annual holiday celebration were always decorated the same.

From this year on, we’ll have the same artificial tree.

Different lighting.

I will give the decorators this.

The lighting pattern is far different than years past.

Here’s a nighttime view of last year’s final live tree for comparison.

What kind of tree does your city/town/village put up in the common center?

18 thoughts on “Will this Clinton Square tree grow on me?

  1. The Common area here decorates our saguaros so beautifully. The local mall brings in a very, very tall and real tree each year and decorates it along with beautiful lighting.

    Your tree is quite beautiful!


  2. Hi Mark,
    It is a pretty tree, seems to be leaning a bit.
    I have a real problem with people cutting down trees they are going to use and then toss away 2 weeks later. It breaks my heart to see trees being cut down. Maybe it’s because I lived in Wyoming – where there are only about 2 trees on the Eastern side of the state. Trees are precious! Hope all is well with you!!!


  3. I can understand how you feel the loss of a real tree, there is something about it. I suppose if you think about it as saving a tree, it will help to make it better. in Ann Arbor, we decorate a real tree that is growing, in a beautiful courtyard in city center, near the farmer’s market. pretty low key, but I like it. maybe a tree that is growing somewhere for your city?


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