Syracuse still gives out a holiday glow

My hands were cold, sure, but I kept my phone out while walking from the Onondaga County Public Library Central branch to my car.

OK, I’d strategically parked it waaaaay down Salina Street by Clinton Square, so I could make the most of my iPhone 8 photo moments on Salina Street at holiday time.

Hustle and bustle.

I used to spend so much time on this stretch during my 30 years at the big daily.

Much has come and gone since January 2013.

Deja vu.

But enough of the holiday feel remains to make me feel back home.

4 thoughts on “Syracuse still gives out a holiday glow

  1. A little bittersweet, Mark? I haven’t been in downtown Buffalo in a few years, since I no longer do real estate closings at the County Clerk’s Office. One of these days, I’ll drive down just to see if anything has changed.


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