May the campus feel united

May peace be felt.

There’s a feeling of peace that ran through me when I walked past the earth exhibit on my way to evening football games at the Carrier Dome.

The Syracuse University Orange is playing basketball games under the big bubble now.

My wishes go way past any results on the court.

Unrest hit the local campus lately, with bad people scribbling ugly, racist, white supremacy slogans on buildings, defacing far more than that surface. A manifesto was Air-dropped to students using Wi-Fi in the campus library. Many lives have been affected. People are scared.

There’s no place in our world for this hatred.

May sanity and safety return.

9 thoughts on “May the campus feel united

  1. Amen, Mark! Here is hoping sanity and safety return to the Syracuse University campus and throughout our world. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all!


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