Could Jersey Mike’s live up to those TV commercials?

Looking good outside.

For what seems like a lifetime, the Jersey Mike’s TV commercials have made my stomach growl.

Yes, please, on that piled-high sub slathered with The Juice.

Alas, often my home Syracuse area is late to land national food chains.

Cheesecake Factory. Sonic. Chick-Fil-A. On I can go.

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The joint looked and smelled good inside when I made my way to the spot on Erie Boulevard East, jammed into a new extension of an established shopping plaza, flanked by Blaze Pizza and Corelife.


The sub-makers knew their tasks, briskly moving through the half-dozen people in front of me to get to my order of two regular-sized subs, the Original Italian with Juice and the Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheesesteak. Both on wheat, I said.

Take out.

To go. With chips.

And the verdict is …

They looked good. Smelled good.

But …

But neither my dear wife Karen nor I thought they were as good as the subs we normally take home from the counter at Wegmans. The rolls didn’t stand up. I like the selection of meat better on Wegmans version of the Italian, and their dressing, too.

Go figure.

9 thoughts on “Could Jersey Mike’s live up to those TV commercials?

  1. Bah. I haven’t had it.
    I was also disappointed in Jimmy Johns. It smells so good, so you’d think… but erm, no.
    Ah, well, plenty of other joints to choose from!


  2. My experience is that their subs are very very dry. Absorb every drop of moisture from your mouth. Need to get mayo or oil or something. Over the years I’ve traveled for work every area has now seemed to lose its identity to chains and cookie cutter franchises. You could enjoy local cuisine which has virtually disappeared in America. Now you could blindfold me and spin me around and when I arrive all the major choices have gone and you don’t know where you are. At least by looking around at the names on the signs.

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