Fast and Furious franchise can still count on its Rock


The slam-bang of Fast and Furious rolls along right along.

This ninth edition of the world-goes-fast franchise isn’t quite a sequel. The adventure directed by David Leitch from the screenplay by Chris Morgan and Drew Pearce does not gather together the familiar ensemble of crafty characters to eliminate the dangers put in front of them while also firmly stamping out the line that stands between villain and hero.

No. But we do get Hobbs, the familiar hulk of a lawman played by Dwayne Johnson, and Shaw, the recently introduced to the gang sly Brit played by Jason Statham (and his incarcerated mom, played by the great Helen Mirren).

They are thrown together when Shaw’s sister is endangered while carrying a stupefying virus.

The villain is a super thing played quite chillingly by Idris Elba. When he first spots Hattie, played with flair by Vanessa Kirby (sister of the Queen in the first seasons of Netflix’s popular The Crown, he explains so much when he simply utters “Bad guy.”


My dear wife Karen and I were thoroughly entertained by the 2 hours, 17 minutes of subsequent dangers and reactions.

Work together or else. (From

The technology involved in the creation of villain Brixton and this potentially world-ending virus make Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw view like part superhero movie.

The parry-and-thrust between Hobbs and Shaw make it a love-hate buddy movie.

The ultimate race to save the world at the end make it a Fast and Furious movie.

OK, that.

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