A great place to get together

My sister Dory wanted to bring the family up from downstate.

She knew our place was too small for an extended stay.


She found a place online in nearby Lafayette that went by the name of the Honeycrisp House.

Rolling hills.

The rolling-hills location surely was beautiful this time of year.

Great pick.

Come another part of our year, the yard will be full of apples ripe for the picking.

Part of a campus.

Yes, it is part of the Beak & Skiff apple complex.

Help yourself.

The hosts left so many things out for the taking.

A tasting was held.

A good time was had by us.

13 thoughts on “A great place to get together

  1. What a lovely place for an extended stay, and for a family get-together! (Did the hosts actually leave that booze for the guests to enjoy? Incredible.) My girls all use Airbnb when they travel, and they have found some awesome places to stay, at a reasonable price. Me, I still stick with basic hotels/motels, preferably with maid and room service.


    • Yes, the hosts left all that stuff. We think they are part of the Beak & Skiff family, which owns the distillery that hawks all those beverages, CM. The campus that people visit and purchase goods is right across the road.

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  2. This place really looks great!
    Even better than the Valley View House.
    When I look for places like this I use VRBO or Home Away network. Then you can shop around and check things like pet friendly etc. ahead of time.
    I have found the renters are improving amenities and what they offer. Prices vary a bit.
    Looks like your sister made a nice find here. You can often bond with the owners going forward.


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