Keep that chewing at rest, dear dog

So the days we left our cherished rescue mutt home for fairly long stretches so we could visit with family for the holiday did not go well.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle decided to chew on her hind quarters.

What an itch she had!

No longer taking flight.

The family put our heads together for a home solution. I took my airline fusion out from my closet. A quick sewing job by my sister Dory made the neck hole perfect for the dog. It held. For a little while.

Picture of sadness.

The pet store opened the morning of Black Friday. I decided upon the soft cone.

But somewhat agreeable.

This was sturdier as we awaited her 3 p.m. appointment with the vet.

Hot spots they are. We left with two meds, directions to swab the chewed-bare spots with rubbing alcohol, and agreement to keep the cone of non-shame on until she’s healing.

No biting, dear dog!

16 thoughts on “Keep that chewing at rest, dear dog

  1. Poor Ellie B. Bad enough to itch but then to have to wear the cone of shame! Have you tried spraying on some of that hot spot medicine you can get at the pet store? Sometimes that helps for awhile.

    PS – Could be nervous biting, too, because she missed you so, and now that she has hot spots it’s become a vicious cycle. Hope you can get it cleared up.


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