Ever green


For the first time, we noticed that the grass in the circle outside NBT Bank Stadium is …

Never fades!

… artificial turf.

We tried hard or remember if this was the case last season.

Best we can figure, it was put in between September and now.

The bright green will last, right?

10 thoughts on “Ever green

  1. Probably makes some sense, especially in northern climes, Mark. I’ve actually thought about researching the cost of artificial turf for my yard – so much easier to care for when everyone else is weeding and mowing! Maybe I could even put in some fake flowers (I’ve known people who did that, believe it or not). Of course, there’s still the falling leaves and snow issue – is there some kind of artificial method for handling those? Other than building a glass dome or something? Mother Nature is beautiful, but so much work at times.


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