Will you stick around with Adam and Jennifer to solve this Murder Mystery?

(From IMDB.com)

There are Jennifer Anniston fans, plenty still, I’ll assume in this Friends anniversary year.

There are Adam Sandler fans, too, I’ll venture. Because, well … The Wedding Singer still gets me to stop and chuckle, you know?

Will there be fans of Jennifer and Adam trying their chemistry together? Oh, wait. In 2011, they had success together in Just Go With It.

Murder Mystery wasreleased on Netflix. Clue number one, I’d say. So, nowadays, so much.

This whodunnit directed by Kyle Newacheck from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt attempts to make viewers believe the premises that, well:

The New York City cop Sandler plays could get away with deceiving his wife about so many important things in their lives and still be inept enough to continually fail the detective test.

The spouse played by Anniston would fall for his scheme that yeah, he really did plan this trip to Paris they wanted since their honeymoon fell through 10 years ago.

A rich guy they meet on a plane would invite them to join an important family occasion on a yacht.

The troubles that ensue can be pinned on them and solved by …

You get the big picture.

No, not us. (From IMDb.com)

It might work if the main actors had that special chemistry to pull off the slapstick together.

Not so much.

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