Disney reboots Aladdin with big, bold and beautiful strokes

(From IMDb.com)

When it came time to give the Disney resources to the remaking of Aladdin, director Guy Ritchie went big.

After all, he had the legend of the late, great Robin Williams voicing the magical genie in the 1992 version.

So in this live-action reboot, that pivotal part fell to Will Smith.

And he knocks it out of the park, delighting in the chance to take the screenplay written by Ritchie and John August to make this time-honored Disney character a wise puff of smoke let out of the lantern to not only fulfill wishes but to fill in the nuances of add honor and character to that wily “street urchin” in his chase for the hand of the princess.

It’s a bold and beautiful picture, too, as the screen is filled with bright colors and bigger-than-life characters doing right and wrong and leaving quite an impression for viewers of all ages.

Mena Massoud plays the street-wise young thief-gone-lothario with a gleam in his eye and honor in his heart.

Who will rule the palace? (From IMDb.com)

Naomi Scott is his delightful match as the smart and loyal Jasmine, a daughter out to protect her father, the kingdom yet willing to see what’s right and wrong in front of her eyes.

Marwan Kanzari will make you mutter for Jafar’s evil ways, too.

Central New Yorkers can view Aladdin free as part of the Liverpool Public Library’s Movie Matinee series, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at Northern Onondaga Public Library-North Syracuse.

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