Thanks for the great inaugural season, Syracuse Mets

Quite the pastime in 2019.

Before we get too far removed, thank you, Syracuse Mets, for making the first year of the connection between my favorite squad ever and my hometown team really great.

The Triple-A games in NBT Bank Stadium, just down the road from our house in Liverpool, were alive with energy.

The squad was a winner.

The parent New York Mets did not hesitate using the Syracuse Shuttle to call up players when needed, and they were ready to contribute. They also regularly sent the injured to work out the end of their rehab stints as members of the Syracuse Chiefs. I caught Brandon Nimmo at the plate above during one of the final regular-season games.

Money will pour into the stadium for off-season improvements, including more comfortable seating. Bravo.

May the partnership continue to be fruitful.

10 thoughts on “Thanks for the great inaugural season, Syracuse Mets

  1. And thank you Mark! Like you, I’ve been a Mets fan since I was a kid (even saw them at the Polo Grounds) so I thoroughly enjoyed all your thoughts, photos and updates. Lets Go Mets!!


    • I went to the first season at Shea, Mike, but never saw them live at the Polo Grounds. What a great memory for you! That loss to the Red last night may finish our wild card dreams … but oh what a second half it was in 2019, the year of a rookie by the name of Pete Alonso.


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