Tim Green’s jersey deserves its place of honor

Honored spot.

Syracuse football officials put Tim Green’s No. 72 in the spot of honor at halftime Saturday.

A bittersweet ceremony.

The man who served as the sturdy star defensive lineman for four seasons from 1982 had his son read his words of gratitude from the center of the field.

My eyes welled.

You might have known Tim Green as a force when he went on to play in the National Football League after graduating from Syracuse, or as a presence for his many roles on TV after that, or his work as an author.

Intelligent man, this, a successful practicing attorney in Central New York, too, the place where he grew up and starred playing football under Coach George O’Leary, one of the men present to celebrate at midfield with Green and his family.

In the community’s arms.

Tim Green readily accepted the help he needed to get to that spot at the center of the field.

He’s in a battle with ALS. He’s been on the network broadcasts to talk about the fight. He knows what it means, and he wants the world to know, too.

I think back to those days when I watched him play for Syracuse University from my spot in the press box, and talked to the smart young man in the locker room afterward, a star for his Coach Dick MacPherson, building blocks for successes to come in this very building and his life to follow.

I hope that No. 72 in the rafters with the name Green across the top motivates many for generations to come.

7 thoughts on “Tim Green’s jersey deserves its place of honor

  1. Yes, Mark, all that and more. I know it’s quite hard to put into words just what Tim has meant to our community, with his many wonderful accomplishments, quality character and never ending spirit. I do not know of anyone else who takes advantage of being alive more than Tim. A great guy in every way.


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