A reluctant dog accepts her ice cream

Our location on the ocean side of the main road for this year’s Cape Cod stay made it a fairly easy walk for the three of us to our favorite ice cream place, Sundae School.

Old school.

Our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and I got to admire the old way they delivered the stuff as my dear wife Karen went in to buy us all some.

Looking fresh

The place sure looked sweet during this cap ‘o good.

Happy wife.

Karen’s coffee Heath Bar cone did the job.

My no-sugar added coffee cup went down smoothly.

Not yet.

The third member, aka Dogamous Pyle, meanwhile, let her single scoop of vanilla sit next to the water we brought along for a spell.

OK now.

Once it melted a bit, away she went. Apparently a big, frozen clump is less appealing to our dog.

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