Creed II follows the formula for Rocky sequel world


You’ve got a fighter who needs to find himself.

You’ve got a nasty opponent needing to make up for a mountain of wrong.

You’ve got danger lurking in every corner.

Sound familiar?

Yes, fight movie fans, to follow up on the thrilling success of Creed, director Steven Caple Jr. follows a screenplay by Sylvester Stallone (with Juel Taylor). It drills directly into the heart and soul of Sly’s Rocky franchise, oh-so-much more than the 2015 goodie that launched this offspring.

It is good.

Is it as great as that first one directed by Ryan Coogler? Probably not, without the surprise of how good Michael B. Jordan is in this fight game as Adonis Creed, son of Rocky’s arch foe but eventual great friend Apollo Creed.

Here we have Adonis struggling in his role as heavyweight champion of the world, tied with the dastardly Russian opponent who also has boxing in his blood. Yes, the nemesis here is the son of Ivan Drago. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Rocky beat Ivan, disgracing him and his family to all in his country. But, oh, Ivan had not only defeated Apollo, but killed him in the ring with a punch.

Son Viktor hulks with ferociousness and bile.

Son Adonis takes on a fiancé pop star and great responsibilities.

Rocky watches the physical amd moral bob and weave and must get involved.

Ready to Rock(y). (Photo From

Yes, it will seem familiar to Rocky fans.

There’s the theme, with Creed’s loyalty to Bianca, finely played by Tessa Thompson, so much like Rocky’s to, yo, Adrian.

There are the people, with Dolph Lundgren and Brigette Nielsen reprising familiar Rocky villain roles.

The fight scenes will raise your pulse.

It is good.

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