Everything you need in a backyard

Lots of space.

Is it fair for the new vacation house to be compared to the old vacation houses?

You know I have to weigh the differences, especially at the start of the stay.

My dear wife Karen and I adored sitting out back of the Happy Cottage in our many years of a weekly stay.

Table up top.

This place offers a modern feel from the time you step out of the back door. The elevated deck offers a view of the big lawn, with a picnic table and several reading/beverage sipping chairs, too.

For those who need to rinse.

Yes, there is the outdoor shower for those who need to get the sand off. People and dogs.

Sear it.

Because we don’t want to eat out every meal, the grill is a must. The cooler next to is is a wonderful touch as well, I must say.

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