On top of the world for Father’s Day

We decided to put in our Father’s Day golf round early this year.


I even got to wear a new shirt, courtesy of my fantastic daughter Elisabeth and terrific significant George Three. It put me in the mood for a big day one week before the holiday proper.

Brilliant views.

I decided upon Burnet Park, a City of Syracuse-owned nine-holer located on a prime spot of land in the Tip Hill section. The benefits included prime views, more exercise than we’d ever think we’d fit into 90 or so minutes and rates to smile about. As a qualifier for the senior price, I got to play golf on a Saturday in June for three bucks. Can’t beat it.

Great drive.

Elisabeth smoked her opening drive, a little long and left.

Smooth surface,

George got up on the nice green with good chipping.

Sweet iron.

The tee shot of the day went to George for landing 5 1/2 feet from the hole. Yes, he rolled in the birdie.

We followed up with lunch at TGIF.

Great pre-holiday it was.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

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