I’m digging my new set of wheels

It was time for me to finally call an all-wheel drive vehicle my very own.

I’ve only lived in snowy, hilly Central New York since 1983, after all.

So on Tuesday, I traded in my 2011 Chevy Cruze for my shiny, smells-great Honda HRV.

Sweet ride.

It drove too smoothly in the test loop for me to pass it up. The dealer I worked with at Honda City, Rich, even was willing to negotiate the price.


Long may we run.

You betcha.

May my further tales all be ones of good things.

26 thoughts on “I’m digging my new set of wheels

  1. I am so happy for you. I have heard nothing but great things about those cars. may you live out many fine hours sharing a space with this ‘yet to be named’ car. roll on!


  2. Honda’s are a top brand for me and oooo la la – you picked a great car and it could be a 20 year care for ya if you want it to be…
    Love the color you chose too


  3. You’re going to love that vehicle, Mark. It makes winter driving a whole new experience. I drive a Ford AWD Escape, which is quite similar, and after my first winter in that SUV I knew I would never buy another car that didn’t have AWD.


  4. Good choice Mark…heard nothing but good things about them. Say we pile the golf league in the back seat on Tuesday and hit the Casino afterwards…


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