A lovely job at The Preserve

The new food and drink place on Spencer Street in Syracuse won me over.

The Preserve is lovely, outside and in.


A Saturday visit by my dear wife Karen and I made my quite happy.

Lobby well done.

We arrived a few clock strokes before 5, without reservations. The hostess seated us immediately at a barroom hightop after asking if that was OK.

Busy spot.

Sure. And good thing, because soon after I heard the word from the nearby hostess stand that for the next several hours, it would be “reservations only.”


We both ordered cheeseburgers, cheddar, with fries. I had bacon added to mine.

With wine for me and a Blue Light for my dear wife, we left full and satisfied.

Side look.

The friendly owner told me he was looking forward to warmer weather, when the outdoor patio would come into play.

Me, too.

7 thoughts on “A lovely job at The Preserve

  1. That DOES look appealing! The name was so familiar to me, I Googled quick to see if we had one — turns out it’s an apartment complex! Our Preserve is an apartment complex! Haha! Not tasty and completely useless to me. Enjoy the patio for me 🙂


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