If this place had been open …

Once upon a time, Syracuse had two newspapers.

The Herald-Journal came out in the afternoon.

The Post-Standard came out in the morning.

The news was digested, reported and printed from an area called Herald Square.

For a bunch of decades, I worked for the morning daily.


And so it was with some interest that I noted the arrival of a new joint in downtown Syracuse. The Press Room Pub took over the bottom of an old building in what they now call historic Herald Square. (Now that the Herald has been no more for more than a decade and The Post-Standard newsroom has been moved to Warren Street with syracuse.com as the driving force.)


Lots of space.

Nice looking spot it is.

Spread out.

They made sure there is much room for beverages and food from the menu.

Thank for the memories.

You know that I liked the old-style yellow paper box they have for decorative purposes.

Yes, I might have walked across the street if they had opened the joint when I worked at the big daily.

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