Crows lead to foxes, I discover

On a January work break walk with my colleagues, the loud screeching of crows broke our conversation.

Laura declared that in her neighborhood a few blocks away in the Village of Liverpool, that has been signifying the sighting of a fox.

There she is.

And she spotted it, too.

Off to the right in the backyard. Out came my iPhone 8.

Don’t be afraid.

I snapped as quickly and quietly as I could.

The results made me quite happy.

Pretty, I think.

The people who see the backyard visitors are not quite as happy, I hear.

15 thoughts on “Crows lead to foxes, I discover

  1. People seem to think that any fox they see in the daytime is rabid. So not true. This time of year I’d bet their vulpian visitors are hungry.


  2. I think foxes are beautiful. Though I don’t know much about them. My most interesting fox sighting was on a bike trail. Ahead of me a woman rode merrily along. Oblivious to the red fox trotting behind her for about a quarter of a mile.


  3. Those houses look pretty close together, and I’m surprised a fox would venture so near to town. I know foxes will venture from a wooded area into suburbs, though. They do that here. Are there woods behind those houses?


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