Open and shut, a better look

Little by little, we make A Bitty Better suit our needs and wants.

My dear wife Karen was tired of two closets that were left without doors.

So she called our friend Bert, an able carpenter willing to quickly take care of both spaces.

Sweet downstairs.

Solid upstairs.

I much appreciate both the downstairs and upstairs vibe.

10 thoughts on “Open and shut, a better look

  1. Very nice. Well done! We took down three sets of sliding doors when we moved in. They weren’t fastened properly and they kept falling on Moo, who was quite small. We put a matching shower curtain on the one in the bathroom, but the kids like theirs open. I prefer the curtain. I don’t care how tidy and organized it is, I wouldn’t want to see my linen closet’s contents all the time.


  2. I can’t imagine a closet without doors. I know some people use curtains instead (my office closet is like that), but I really like the feel of shutting the door on the mess. Of course, other people maybe don’t have messy closets, so doors may not be necessary for them.

    PS – I like the mini-garden at the end of the upper landing. Such a nice thing to look at in the dead of winter.


    • We were surprised at the lack of doors when we bought the house, CM. Karen was the mover behind this little improvement, I must admit. I got accustomed to the curtain. And we like that sunny winter spot on top of the stairs!

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