Icy morning

If it’s not snow to clear from the car before pulling out to work …

Glazed and confused.

… it’s ice.

Windshield layer.

My Chevy Cruz had a thin layer of freeze all over it on Wednesday morning in the Galeville neighborhood in Liverpool.

All around freeze.

I thought maybe that a few minutes running with the defrosters on would take care of it. Nope. The scraper had to scrape.

Flat and ready.

The driveway did not look daunting for the back-out.

But then I had to decide which way to maneuver out of the neighborhood out to the main drag.

Down far that goes.

I feared that the steeper hill might cause a problem at the end, where it spills out into traffic at a stop sign.

Less imposing.

The other direction is a longer path, but with less of a grade.

I went the way with less hill. No problem.

15 thoughts on “Icy morning

  1. same state of affairs here. i ‘m glad you took your time and took the safe route. we had an ‘ice day’ yesterday with no school and today many schools are still closed. i’m with liz, bring on the spring )


  2. We had some ice Wednesday morning, Mark, but not as bad as yours. What I found amusing, though, was that about 4:00 pm, my boss overheard some ladies talking about how bad the roads were getting, so he told me I could go home before it got worse. it was 45 degrees out. The roads were merely wet. I left anyway. When the boss says I can go, I go!


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