A cleaner shave is my goal

Some folks may think that those in the world with beards are excused from the shaving process.

Not so fast my friends.

I choose to clean my face from stubble above and below my beard every other day. Well, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of work weeks, let’s say.

Yay, five blades.

Recently I decided that, oh, two decades or so was enough with my three-bladed Gilette.

I opted up for a five-bladed version. Same company. I like their work. I also bought an eight-blade package at the same time, to keep me going for a good, long while. Those babies are expensive! Shave close, though.

Yes, the extra two blades do make a difference.

20 thoughts on “A cleaner shave is my goal

  1. I just couldn’t get used to multiblade razors, so use a shavette for me neck and cheeks (bearded too) and I do recommend using one blade over more


  2. The Mister has used those, too. Meanwhile, we female folk feel honored to get triple blades. My goodness, men have it nice in the razor department. We go back and forth between a few, like handbags, we like this and that, and can’t figure out why no one has designed the perfect razor.
    The Mister also uses the old fashioned single blade. I could never. I used a double blade a few weeks ago, in desperation. Didn’t cut myself, but may as well have. Not happy legs, lol!


    • I likely will stick with this one for a couple decades, Joey, as long as I can find blades for it. You women sure do have it rough, and I mean it all the way around it seems without the ability for four-blade smooth-shaving!

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  3. Oh Mark, it isnt like your sis-in-law and niece don’t own an amazing little shop full of some of the best shaving products in the whole universe. The blade is only 1 part of an great shave. Expect a package shortly.


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