Here it comes again

What we woke up to at mid-week:

Freezing out back.

It was daunting around the covered pool.

Covered alcove?

The overhang over the side door didn’t block much.

I had just shoveled.

The clearing I made for my dear wife Karen to get to the driveway did not last long after she pulled away to her job at the eye place.

I want to decorate this tree with lights, already.

Out the front door, down the snow still came as I pondered my drive to the library.

11 thoughts on “Here it comes again

  1. Snow in the high elevations here. I enjoy that early morning glimpse out the kitchen window to the snow way on the top of the mountains. And that first glimpse of snow each year on the San Francisco Peaks. I don’t ski, but there is a real vibration about in many of the young people when the Snow-Bowl opens. Verde Valley jamming with tourists right now. And did I mention those folks fleeing cold weather? All my best to you and your family Mark over this holiday season.


  2. Got it here, too, Mark. What was predicted as 1-1/2 inches turned out to be 4 inches. No big deal, but certainly annoying. I actually had to wear my boots, and I had to clear the car off. (I learned the hard way about clearing only part of the car – leaving snow on top of an SUV can be extremely dangerous if it then comes down during rush-hour drive time, thus obscuring the windshield. Also, scary as hell for those few seconds before the wipers take care of it.)

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