Can the Orange get another crowd that looks kind of big?

When the college football folks announced that the Syracuse football team’s home game against North Carolina State would be a 7 p.m. start two Saturdays ago, my thought was, at last.

Finally, we were away from that noon kickoff.

Maybe now more fannies would find the Carrier Dome seats.

When my dear wife Karen and I got to our usual spot, the squads were warming up and my hopes were dashed a bit.

Warming up to a few.

Great expanses of bleachers were open, well, everywhere.


But as the Orange and Wolfpack battled up and down the field, I gazed across and over the expanse of the bubble and realized that this was, indeed, a crowd.

Syracuse’s officials called it the first time of five games this season attendance cracked the 40,000 mark. They sounded the part as the Orange flew up and down the field for a 51-41 victory.

With another 7 p.m. start tonight against Louisville for this final home game of 2018 and the Orange headed to their fist bowl game since 2013 after road contests against Notre Dame and Boston College, I’m hoping the fans show up to support the home team again.

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