So they brought back Halloween, with all of its grisly glory


It’s A-OK that director David Gordon Green chose to pretend that all those other Halloweens never happened.

When you have the original pair dreamed up by John Carpenter and Debra Hill four decades go, horror fans don’t need the turns the franchise took in the nine films thereafter.

So the world gets Jamie Lee Curtis as grandma Laurie Strode battling the man who’s given her nightmares since his slashing in the original. Yes, Michael Myers, imprisoned ever since their first tangle left her traumatized in this screenplay by Green, Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride, studied well by a frenzied doctor, surrounded by mad and oddball fellow prisoners and visited by a pair of British journalists just before transportation to another jail where he’s likely to be forgotten.


You know that Michael Myers is going to figure a way out of this one, people are going to meet their gruesome end at his hands and Laurie Strode’s lifetime of planning for another encounter is going to come into play.

A 11:10 a.m. Saturday showing at in Regal Cinema’s big theater at Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA on opening weekend comes fairly packed with Halloween fans of many ages.

Of which I am not one, not going for cut-em-ups.

So I bear with the blood-letting and try to concentrate on the story instead.

It holds my interest.

So they meet again. (From

Curtis compels stares as the woman who wouldn’t, couldn’t live her life without teaching her daughter how to defend herself to the max in a house in the woods build for the next invasion. Judy Greer works well as the offspring who pops at her mom when she sees the lines of sanity crossed. Andi Matichak finds a groove as the granddaughter who wants to make her grandma fit in, be better someway, somehow. As for the men, well, they do their thing, especially Will Patton as the Officer Hawkins who saw all this stuff happen the first time around, they do the best until Michael Myers crosses their paths.

Michael gets his original mask back and goes uncredited, so we’ll go with the two actors called The Shape,
James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle, as this man of the blade.

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