Bon voyage, wish we could …

Our cruise friends Brenda and JoAnn hosted a big bash at their place recently because, well, the bunch is getting ready for another trip.

Of course they welcomed even those of us who can’t make it this time around to the festivities. That included my dear wife Karen and I.

Step right up.

We appreciated their sense of humor about the many photo opportunities that always pop up on each ship. For a price to pick up the finished result, of course.

Swan attack?

All of the woman in the pool kept shouting No photos! to me, but Michelle decided this one would be OK.

Book it …

Next year’s trip is already set up. The date, though, is during the library’s annual used book sale, a mandatory must-attend for me. Dagnabbit.

Good wishes abound, nevertheless.

9 thoughts on “Bon voyage, wish we could …

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  2. A cruise is the one thing I have never cared about. I get seasick just watching waves on a video! I’d much rather spend that time, and money, lounging around that yard and pool that you photographed. (I assume they didn’t really make you pay the $2 a photo … )

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