One last look at the cars that visited

I liked looking at the cool cars.

Take me to the movies.

I thought this baby reminded me of Back to the Future. I knew not that American Motors made a lift side door model. In the early 1980s I owned a beige AMC Hornet hatchback. I did not like it much. My bad.

Come on in.

It was interesting how the cars filed into the parking lot to show off.

Bright spot.

I knew this baby caught your eye in the corner, right?

Lovely lines.

And the paint job on this baby makes me happy.

Bye, bye car lovers.

Until next July …

12 thoughts on “One last look at the cars that visited

  1. Oh I love those cars!

    I saw an actual remake of a Back to the Future car. It was on my street in AZ. ?!?

    I have some classics on my blog today! You got me thinking about a day I enjoyed with sweet man earlier this summer… so I posted. You were the inspiration.


  2. Mark, thanks for the virtual tour through the Syracuse Nationals cars that visited your neighborhood. I always love seeing the cars from the Nationals on the streets of Liverpool. The first pic you posted (reminiscent of the movie “Back to the Future”) is a Delorean, made by DeLorean Motor Car company. It is definitely not your mother or father’s AMC (American Motor Car company), although the Hornet Sportabouts had a charm all their own!


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