Frances McDormand carries Three Billboards to its killer ending


Frances McDormand is perfect for a part set in a faraway place, as a dogged woman who puts her mind to something and then won’t let go, no way, no how.

In Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the tireless McDormand tears into the part of Mildred, a mother with one heck of a weight to carry.

Written and directed by Martin McDonagh, this is a story so sad, so terrible, so full of weight and hate, that you can’t help but like some people for the some of the bad and hateful things they do in the name of revenge and justice.

Mildred’s daughter was murdered, we see in flashbacks, on a night in which they argued before she left the house. Of this she will not forgive herself. And then the sheriff and his underlings do not solve the crime.

So mom goes on her own crusade, a stampede through senses and sensibilities that includes the installation of a trio of billboards that take said sheriff to task for the failure to bring this crime to justice.

The towns people take sides.

Violence ensues. Hatred shows up in many faces and forms. People die, of natural forces and otherwise.

Some things you can’t explain. (From

Do not assume you know what’s going on every minutes.

That’s they glory of Frances McDormad, inside her head and outside the lines.

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