A new spot to watch the ballpark fireworks works out glowingly

Let’s call it PayChex Plaza.

My dear wife Karen and I slung the bags containing our folding chairs over our shoulders and off we walked he night of the Fourth, winding down just a few blocks from A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville in search of a good spot to view the fireworks forthcoming following the Syracuse Chiefs’ Triple A baseball game at NBT Bank Stadium.

We’d gone to the ballpark on the holiday in 2017, admired the display, oh, a couple of miles from our house. The traffic from the capacity crowd on a night where work followed the next morning, not so much.

So, a less time-consuming journey was our mission.

We’d seen the cars lined up on Buckley Road last year.

Waiting for the glow.

This year, we spotted a caravan convened in the parking lot of local business PayChex.

Ballpark in the clearing.

A clear line of sight to the lights of the ballpark awaited. My iPhone 8 on Safari told us the game was in the bottom of the eighth, Chiefs leading comfortably.

Fireworks we’ve found!

This made us happy. Our chairs put us among the group.

Great view.

We were right to pick this spot. Ohhhhhhh.

High-flying spectacle.

The reflection in the little reservoir added to the ambiance. Ahhhhhhhh.

Wait, off to the left …

Other firework displays also came into view to the left.

Long may you run.

But it was the air over the stadium that held our fascination for a full run.

Color us happy.

Thank you for another year of big sky entertainment.

10 thoughts on “A new spot to watch the ballpark fireworks works out glowingly

  1. We used to take the kids over to the Amherst campus of U.B. for the fireworks. So many great spots there to spread a blanket or set up a folding chair! Once the kids were gone, we didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic any more, so we just stay in and try to keep the dog calm. Which, of course, is a feat, especially this year when it seemed like everyone in Erie County was having their very own mini-fireworks display. I’m so glad it’s over.


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