What kind of tree is this?

My daily walk to the nearby Dunkin‘ Donuts brought me past a beautiful, flowering tree.

Whitish blooms.

In fact, there are two, side by side.

Another one.

Can anybody give me some help as to what type of tree I am passing?

21 thoughts on “What kind of tree is this?

  1. I’ll ask the people at Franklin Square. They have several in white and pink/fuscia (?). Not a lilac, though. The scent is different.


  2. The first thing I thought was a white lilac. I’m not too familiar with what grows up your way when. It looks lovely though — I’m sure it’s enjoying all this admiration 🙂


  3. There are several of these in a row on a street near me. I will check back to see–as I am curious what they are also. When all the other flowering trees had dropped their flowers long ago, they suddenly bloomed.


  4. I’ll take Beth’s word for it. You’ll know soon enough if you find horse chestnuts on the ground under that tree. Don’t let any fall on you. I was once told by a doctor-friend that you can die if hit in just right spot on the noggin by a falling horse chestnut.


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