There’s much to be done with the backyard pool

Bye-bye last year’s water.

You’d think the second season of the backyard pool at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville might be easier for my dear wife Karen.

As you may recall, she’s taken on all pool duties.

Well, the pool guys are sharing plenty this spring.

The reason the water level is so low is leaks in the liner, it turns out. So they’ve measured for a new one. And there are cracks in the steps, too. Those will be new. They’ll last decades, both of them.

One done, one OK.

The old security cover will never be on top again, either. A new one will come before closing time in the fall. The under-liner is OK, though. We just bought that one last autumn.

You’ll be seeing more about this work in progress.

4 thoughts on “There’s much to be done with the backyard pool

  1. This brings back memories. We had a pool when we were growing up. I remember the scrubbing, by hand, the pool each spring. The cleaning. The maintaining…… and the swimming!!!!! 😉


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