A tough break for George Three, but we eat on anyway

It’s going to be a touch spring for George Three.

My wonderful daughter Elisabeth’s sensational significant stumbled into a mishap while unloading packages from a truck at work.

He put his right arm behind him to break his fall. Yup, dominant side.

Matching cast and hat.

Four weeks with the bright green cast and then the doctor will tell us what’s next.

With good weather coming, there’s so much George will not be able to tackle.

Best pizza around.

Elisabeth gladly served him slices from Ye Olde Pizza Pub’s delicious large pie.

Tangy and sweet and crunchy.

The special came with either boneless or regular wings. Elisabeth picked boneless with boss sauce. I loved them, but limited myself to three because while delightful, the sweetness that went so well with the tang and crunch was a bit too much.

One of two.

I was reminded of how this restaurant’s twin, in Hamilton, introduced me to round pizzas cut into squares instead of triangles many decades ago.

Elisabeth added the fact how most places put round pizzas with triangle slices into a square box.

It shaped up as a fine lunch, touch fractures and all.

Tomorrow you get to see their new cat, Miss Ava.

24 thoughts on “A tough break for George Three, but we eat on anyway

  1. Oh what I would give for a real New York Pizza. Or a Philly Cheese-steak.
    An absolute miserable time of the year to sport a day glow green cast. Wishing George a clean quick heal. All my best to you and your family. -JoHanna


  2. I can relate to George, Mark. I stumbled in January and broke my fall with my dominant hand. I didn’t break anything but I tore my left-side rotator cuff. Three months later, I’m able to lift pizza again on my left.


  3. aw, poor george, but he’s clearly being taken care of by all of you. nice that you guys did the heavy lifting of the delicious looking food for him –


  4. Poor George! Does anyone have a knitting needle for when that arm begins the old itch until you blow your arm off phase of the cast process? Be happy to show you a picture if you need it, bro Mark, but since they come with only the two I just can’t spare a real one right now. I guess I’ll just have ti scratch my arm in distant understanding of what he will be going through and send good thoughts his way. Let me know if that works. I could patent the idea and——-Yeah, right!

    BTW, I second the remarks about the food. Suddenly I want a NY pizza!


  5. Broken wrist? My daughter went through that a couple of years ago (fell on black ice). She’s fine now, no mobility issues at all. Hugs to George Three – and to Elisabeth, who has to take care of him.


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