Why I like working at the library, continued

The other day one of my co-workers brought a tray of candy-covered strawberries to our second-floor work environs at the library.

As good as they look.

She laid them out on the common table with great care.

Yes, that is ground-up Oreos that serves as the “dirt” under the tasty main dish.

I did indeed snag one to savor.

Thank you, Jess. Yummy.

14 thoughts on “Why I like working at the library, continued

  1. Hey mark – fun post and i was wondering how your job was going. Glad all is well.
    Also, i wanted to share with you that your story – or moving through unemployment – has been used by me to share with a few people in job hunt mode – or at times when they work a job that ties them over – like you did.

    I will post about it soon, but can you help me find one of your old posts – one of the ones about when you worked int he paint department??



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