And so we start anew, Let’s Go Mets

The 2018 baseball season starts today.

My New York Mets open at home in CitiField against the St. Louis Cardinals.

That familiar feeling of hope washes over me again.

Can this be our year?

Our chant, so enchanting.

From my dear wife Karen and I’s visit to Cooperstown, I bring you a doggone good memory above …

My dear wife Karen and I wait for the gates to open.

And then there was our trip to see our squad play in Flushing Meadows.

Playing above the rim.

That was Fireworks Night. May this season bring more.

Enjoy this day, fans of all teams. This is our day, all of us.

Think of how no matter how much our game changes, some things remain the same.

Sixty feet, six inches between the pitcher and batter.

Ninety feet between the bases.

Three outs per inning.

Nine fielders defending. (No matter how you line them up.)

Play ball.

Baseball, please.

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