Ready for the long rake job

Down for it.

I know how hard my colleagues who handle the custodial work at the Liverpool Public Library work to keep the building in tip-top shape.

When I saw the size of the roof rake after the last big snow, I pictured how hard it must be to get that thing up there and scraping.

Bravo, Annika and Tony.

6 thoughts on “Ready for the long rake job

  1. So hpw much of that STUFF diid you get? We got about 3 inches but the ground was warm so it melted pretty fast. Still it wasn’t what I wanted to see on the first day of spring. Or even on the last day of winter, for that matter. I caught a cold just looking at it! I’m sticking to that story too! Sounds good to me and as long as one of us thinks that it’s all I need.


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