Another painting, with my dear wife’s twist

Last time, we picked up the brushes together and painted our own halves of a project that now adorns the bedroom wall of A Bitty Better.

This time, my dear wife Karen’s friend Marie asked if she’d like to go with her to Painting with a Twist.

Karen, right, with Marie.

They took in a night of fun at the DeWitt branch of the popular spot.

Karen’s masterpiece.

My wife us getting really good at this.

16 thoughts on “Another painting, with my dear wife’s twist

  1. that is beautiful, you’re right. she seems to have a talent for this. i made one and it did not look quite as beautiful, but i had a lot of fun in the process )


  2. Tell Karen that I really like this painting! It reminds me of one that would have been done in Japan in the 18th Century. I love the way she captured the perspective of the water and sky by using those particular colors. Karen is very talented.


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